Abstract Light Photography - Tony D. Locke







Tony Locke

Abstract Light Photography - Tony D. Locke

Anacortes, WA


Living in the Pacific Northwest, on an island about 1.5 hours North of Seattle, WA, there are endless beauties of nature to capture. From the waters of Puget Sound to the San Juan Islands, the Cascade Mountains and British Columbia, Canada just up the road, I love to explore and photograph all there is to see.

I also enjoy teaching others the art of photography, Photoshop and Lightroom, so that they too can enjoy all there is to see and capture.

Please join me on my FaceBook photography page to follow my photographic adventures around the Pacific NorthWest.


To see more of my images from over the years, including some "Oddball Master of Madness" shots, head on over to my Flickr page, if you see something you like, I can post a high-rez version here for purchase, or contact me for more info.


And for some photo-educational fun:



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Daffodil Blur by Tony Locke


Daffodil Fields of Fog by Tony Locke


Daffodils A Plenty by Tony Locke


Early Morning Daffodil Fog by Tony Locke


Spring Is Here by Tony Locke


Enjoying The Bay by Tony Locke


Salish Sea by Tony Locke


La Conner Slough by Tony Locke


End of Workday by Tony Locke


Bowman Bay Sunset by Tony Locke


Rusty Dodge Lights by Tony Locke


Still Life by Tony Locke


Misty Purple by Tony Locke


Love's Thorns by Tony Locke


Cali Lily by Tony Locke


Palouse WA by Tony Locke


Palouse WA Farm by Tony Locke


IR Palouse WA by Tony Locke


Palouse WA by Tony Locke


The Gate by Tony Locke


Palouse Harvest by Tony Locke


Curved Lines by Tony Locke


Spiral In The Storm by Tony Locke